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Part 4: Our Monetary System is Changing

How the World Turns:

American Taxpayer Money at Work Across the World; Who Profits?

Our monetary system is the backbone of your financial success for all you want to do in your life.

In Parts 1-3 of this special edition series, Our Monetary System is Changing, we covered very important aspects of our money. How our monetary system works is directly related to how your money is working for you and not working for you.

I highly recommend reading Parts 1-3 if you haven’t read this engaging series. Parts 1-3 allow you to understand how important Part 4 is in your life. Our Monetary System is Changing series is also available under the “News” tab on this site.

As a quick review for you:

Part 1: Money is an agreement.

Part 2: Our money is fiat money created by the private corporation, the Federal Reserve central bank system, using fractional reserve lending in the commercial banking system we use.

Part 3: The Federal Reserve central bank system, fiat money, fractional reserve lending & how the American taxpayer plays into this monetary system.

And now,

Part 4: How the World Turns: American Taxpayer Money at Work Across the World; Who Profits?

The American Taxpayer Funds Our Government

The US Dollar is our currency, our money, which you have learned is issued by the Federal Reserve central bank system, a private corporation of bankers. The fiat money the Federal Reserve central bank system creates is debt we owe interest on to the Federal Reserve central bank system. Government debt is this fiat money. Government debt is: Government expenditures over and above the amount of tax revenue, i.e. your money sent in as taxes. It is the taxpayer who is responsible for the interest payments on this debt and for paying the debt off. The Government debt is over $34 trillion dollars at this time… you can clearly see the debt doesn’t get paid off.

The American taxpayer, in the meanwhile, is working and earning US Dollars which is actually debt the taxpayer owes interest on. And, the American taxpayer also has Federal Reserve central bank system loans like mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, college education loans & other personal loans that the American taxpayers owe interest on and must repay.

The American taxpayer pays 50–60% of their earnings in total taxes and has use of the remaining 40–50% of their earnings to use for lifestyle, savings and investments.

And in the case of the Government, the American taxpayer funds a lot of projects around the world. The United States government has 750 military bases around the world. Yes, the American taxpayer funds all of them.

Have you ever really thought about why we have our great Military around the world?

In 1944, the Bretton Woods Agreement passed the “baton” of world trade dominance from Great Britain’s Sterling Pound currency to the United States Dollar.

The Marshall Plan after WWII (1948) was headed by the US Military and the US Dollar, or more precisely, the American taxpayer.

The US Dollar as the reserve currency and the use of the taxpayer-funded US Military around the world created a lot of wealth through the Federal Reserve central bank system, a private corporation of bankers funding Government, Military and business around the world. This is the geo-political-economic world you were born into. The United States leading the world with its military might and economic power via the US Dollar (more on this later in this series).

We have been at war constantly throughout the 20th century and to current day in the 21st century.

War is Big Business & Very Profitable

There is a massive amount of wealth that gets created using war and that massive wealth is created for a “few.” The American Taxpayer is “the US Dollar” involved in this massive creation of wealth. Most taxpayers do not receive the wealth creation benefits though.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are entities like the UN, NATO, the World Bank, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Development Bank (WDB), and many, many more. The US Dollar funds every NGO out there.

It would be one thing if we actually shared in all the massive profits made by the bankers, politicians, government agencies, lobbyists, law firms, large corporations including the industrial-military complex, and the NGOs who use our tax dollars around the world in the name of the United States and democracy, but we don’t. American taxpayers are left out of this profit bonanza.

Did you see “You the American Taxpayer” listed as a beneficiary of all this massive wealth that gets created around the world in the name of “good causes?” No, you did not. The only American taxpayers that create wealth in this system are the actual American citizens in these “elite” groups listed above.

The American taxpayer is 34 trillion dollars in debt because of the bankers and the Government. The wealthiest people in the world—1% of the world population—all get wealthier, courtesy of YOU, the American Taxpayer funding chaos, destruction, and afterwards, the rebuilding. It is the fiat US Dollar that leads the way around the world funding the wealth creation for the “elite.”

Government & Banker Enterprise, 3 Examples

Each of these examples is very informative, so please follow the links. Read as much or as little as you care to. Either way, you will learn a lot.

Example 1: The USA, Great Britain, and large global companies created The War on Terror to take control of Iraqi oil and the profits.

Endless war also creates wealth for the military–industrial complex.

As American citizens, we were told the War on Terror began in order to destroy “weapons of mass destruction” that Iraq was reported to have, but was that the truth?

The Iraqi oil and the oil profits have been in control of the US Government and business interests. This has not benefited the Iraqi people. It destroyed the Iraqi currency and the economy of Iraq. Our monetary system change is the United States and sovereign nations globally. The Iraqi people are getting their country and their wealth back.

“Of course it’s about oil; we can’t really deny that”

—Gen. John Abizaid,

former head of U.S. Central Command & Military Operations in Iraq, 2007

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan agreed, writing in his memoir, “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.” Then-Senator and now Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, said the same in 2007: “People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are.”

These outcomes were by design, the result of a decade of U.S. government and oil company pressure. In 1998, Kenneth Derr, then CEO of Chevron, said, “Iraq possesses huge reserves of oil and gas reserves I’d love Chevron to have access to.”

In 2000, Big Oil, including Exxon, Chevron, BP and Shell, spent more money to get fellow oilmen Bush and Cheney into office than they had spent on any previous election. Just over a week into Bush’s first term, their efforts paid off when the National Energy Policy Development Group, chaired by Cheney, was formed, bringing the administration and the oil companies together to plot our collective energy future. In March, the task force reviewed lists and maps outlining Iraq’s entire oil productive capacity.

Planning for a military invasion was soon under way. Bush’s first Treasury secretary, Paul O’Neill, said in 2004, “Already by February (2001), the talk was mostly about logistics. Not the why (to invade Iraq), but the how and how quickly.”

Example 2: The Military–Industrial Complex in Action Today

We also saw Robert F Kennedy Jr. drop truth bombs on NATO Expansion, the military-industrial complex, and the real reason for the war in Ukraine in this excellent expose of who is behind the scenes.

Example 3: No Sovereign Borders & Overwhelming Migration

A massive influx of illegal immigrants from around the world combined with an Executive Branch that refuses to enforce the existing immigration laws, and a Legislative Branch with no interest in passing new immigration laws to replace laws that elected officials state “are broken,” will destroy any country, including ours. Congress is in charge of legislation. Where is the enforcement of existing immigration laws or new immigration law legislation?

This is your money at work within the Government. Keep in mind that the US Dollar funds the UN and the non-profit organizations.

Have You Had Enough?

When will the American people say “I am done with this! The 50–60% of my money taxed away from my life, the lack of Governmental accountability, the $34 trillion dollars of Government debt, i.e. Government overspending I pay the interest on, the wealth this creates for a ‘few,’ and the inflation it creates for me."?

Next Edition:

Part 5: Do Monetary Systems Change? Yes, They Do!

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome!


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