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Part 1: Our Monetary System is Changing

Updated: Feb 9

We are in a remarkable time in history! You probably don’t think about monetary systems. I think about monetary systems a lot. And actually, you do too, without realizing you do.

This post introduces a weekly series on our monetary system. This is important and valuable for you as this will assist you in making the financial choices that will bring you success and assist you in avoiding financial missteps and problems, I know you don’t want to make.

How a monetary system is designed dictates how money works for you.

  • All your dreams and goals of financial success creating a future of wealth and security is a function of how the monetary system is designed to work.

  • All of your frustrations and the limitations you experience with money are a function of how the monetary system is designed to work.

“How money works in the world is how your money is working for you and not working for you.”

—Mary S. McMahon

The monetary system people want is a monetary system that allows people to create wealth. You want full control, use and enjoyment of your wealth. Well, we don’t have a monetary system that allows this. One of the biggest frustrations people have is taxes.

In our current system, the concerns people have are:

  • Taxes: people are paying 50-60% of their earned income in taxes—there are all kinds of taxes. You add this up and you will find it generally approaches 50-60% of your earned income.

  • The stock market and other financial market crashes we go through regularly.

Monetary Systems

A monetary system is the system in how money works in your life. Everything about your money starts with what the monetary system is. The design of a monetary system impacts your wealth even when you don’t realize it. We are not taught about how money and our financial system work. It is not part of our education system. Money is interesting and easily learnable. Monetary systems always go through changes too. Just in the 20th century, we had 4 monetary system changes that greatly impacted people - some people for better and some people for worse. More on this in the weekly series.

The Starting Point: What Is Money?

Money is an agreement. The 3 basic agreements of money are:

  1. Money is a store of value.

  2. Money is a medium of exchange.

  3. Money is a unit of action.

Next Edition:

I will introduce the use of a central banking monetary system in the United States with a focus on the Federal Reserve System that was put into place in 1913. There are changes going on here.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome!


MSM Advisory, LLC. is a professional practice designed to offer you the customized financial planning advice, strategies and implementation to make your dreams come true. Money matters and this is what the money is for… your vision for your life coming to life… for you.

This takes your vision and your actions. You are surrounded by brilliance. Tap into it. Now is the time.

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