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Mary S. McMahon is:

  • Managing Member, MSM Advisory, LLC

  • a CERTFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional - CFP® practicing comprehensive financial planning creating multi-use strategies for her clients to have the financial success in life they want for today and into future years.

  • represents the Investment Advisor, MSM Advisory, LLC, managing investments for her clients’ success in their investment plan.

  • licensed in General Lines Insurances - life insurance, disability income protection insurance, long term care insurance and health insurance.

Mary’s professional practice is a comprehensive practice enabling her clients to experience financial success in the 5 domains of our financial lives. Plans are created based on what matters most to a client. Strategies are created to accomplish those plans and the appropriate products are then selected to implement the client’s Plan.

A successful financial life is really a series of successful 1–year plans which are then monitored and adjusted to accomplish new goals of financial success.

Planning is about solving problems and creating the opportunities to maximize success. Solving problems that would prevent a client from enjoying and using their money for what matters most to them is an important aspect of financial planning. Planning is also about creating the opportunities to create financial success in what matters most to a client. And finally, your Plan should be in sync with your personality.

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