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Create Good Health as an Assest

Updated: Apr 17

Financial Planning Recommendation

Good health is an asset. Bad health is a liability. Health as an asset or as a liability is true over a lifetime. In retirement, the better health you have, the more enjoyable retirement will be. The poorer the health, the more dollars and time spent dealing with poor health accompanied with usually, not the highest quality of life.


Health is a function of the things we do everyday to promote good health. Health insurance allows us access to the best healthcare technology available when we need it. The health insurance policy itself does not give us good health. The policy is there to get the healthcare we need for health issues.

Our health is a function of the things we do everyday to promote good health. 

Practice excellent daily health habits

  1. Eat whole real food everyday. Eliminate processed food, preservatives, pesticides, sugar including the processed chemical sugar and other additives that do not constitute real food as much as possible. When you see “Natural Flavors” as an additive; this is code for monosodium glutamate or other unidentified additives that can be toxic to cellular function. There is a lot of “toxic debris” in processed and fast foods that your cells and systems (physiology) have to deal with. Over a lifetime, you can imagine what an overload this is on your body and mind-the brain is an organ, an organ that “runs the show”. Feed it properly! It is cellular dysfunction that leads to physiological dysfunction. Cellular and physiological dysfunction is disease… dis-ease. Food is the foundation of great health and bad health.

  2. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of clean filtered water everyday. Use glass containers preferably. Plastics are full of toxic substances that leech into the water. BPA is just the start.

  3. Our bodies were made for movement. Do exercise you really enjoy regularly. Take care of maintaining the really important capacities of alignment, strength, flexibility, agility and balance. Do not do anything you really dislike!

  4. Reduce stress through activities you enjoy somehow, some way, everyday.

  5. Get the amount of restorative sleep your body needs everyday.

  6. Get the professional help you need in any one of these 5 areas. It is money well spent and invested for excellent health. for comprehensive medical testing to be done annually. Sometimes what you think is the problem, is not the problem. Often times, health is a cascade of compromises in cellular and physiological health. The comprehensive testing is what you need to be a good detective. Our current medical system does not approach our health from a systemic point of view as doctors are not trained this way in medical school. See the resources in the “April 2024 Books of the Month” news post.

  7. Be patient. Habits require practice! Nearly all of us were not raised in these habits. These 5 basics promote better health. There isn’t any medical procedure or pharmaceutical that replaces what each of these excellent health habits provides for good health. You will manage healthcare expenses by having great health. Great health is in your control.

Bonus: Your weight will respond remarkably to these great health habits. You will naturally lose weight practicing these excellent health habits if this is one of your “focus“ with having great health.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome!


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