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April 2024 Books of the Month

Something a Little Different… Again!

This month my “Book Reviews” are “Excellent Resources” for you to use to create amazing health. 

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD. I have been reading his work for 21 years. All his books are great. It certainly is wonderful to have the podcasts! He is so interesting and he has amazing doctors and scientists on his shows. You will learn so much about how much control you have to create amazing health.   

To understand your body and what your body actually needs, these are the tests that need to be run. This “should” be part of our annual work, but most doctors are not trained to do this. Dr. Hyman and his group makes this ridiculously affordable. 

Wow! This 21 day plan of learning and experiencing what foods work well for you and what foods don’t, is really eye-opening and dramatically changed our family’s health with extraordinary results. I use what I learned in this Plan everyday, and it makes life so much easier and enjoyable having amazing health and body weight. 

Cooking with amazing health in mind is so important. You save money, time and lose the stress in bringing this very important life survival skill center front. Mary Anne Morris will demonstrate how to do exactly this. Like any other area in life, having the right tools to do this, along with clarity and focus on using food to create good health, which Mary Anne will do for you, is the very foundation of having great health.  The “Success Formula” in action here.  It is important to teach our children this basic life skill too.

Doctors gave me a prognosis at my then-age 34, that in my future years, I would be crippled, and this was the best they could offer me! I have been on a lifelong quest for great health and not be crippled. I have been successful. Body Renovation does customize to your personal needs, likes, and dislikes too. Bear has been a key figure in my journey of great health.  

I love using these glass bottles. I have 3 that go everywhere with me! Ditching the plastic bottles “paid” for these glass bottles every day! I have had my Bkr bottles for years!

Remember to implement your Success Formula:

“Clarity + Focus + The Right Actions + The Right People + Accountability = Success”


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