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MSM Advisory, LLC Launches Newsletter

Updated: Dec 6, 2023


The inaugural edition of MSM Advisory, LLC “News and More” is designed to be a contribution in our shared universal language: money.

Money permeates everything about life! It is a foundation to our enjoyment of life. Money is fundamental to our lives in every area of life. Money is freedom and flexibility. Money engages our learning and intelligence. Money supports our relationships and our authenticity in life. Money is also the stability and structure to all aspects of our lives.

Let me re-introduce myself

In the amazing work we have done together, you know me as the professional bringing an expertise and competency to create the planning and process of creating the actions you will take to be in harmony with your life’s dreams and goals. Let me introduce you to Mary S. McMahon, CFP®, RICP®, the historian, scientist & the economist. Though I chose to not officially degree in these subjects, I have studied these subjects for decades and continue to do so. I am currently studying organic chemistry!

As a young child, I was born with my affinity for all things related to money. I was delighted with all things intrinsic to money and extrinsic to money. I also loved reading history from age 8 on. I grew up studying math, science and history. Not only did I do school work in these subjects, but I took it into my personal activities even as a young child.

My favorite genre to read for decades is history and the socio-economic-political impact of history, which is the story of people throughout time, and how people and events shaped and changed every aspect of societies throughout centuries in cultural norms and mores - what people thought and did according the “rules of society” in everyday life: what people think, why they think this and then do what they do. It impacts everything in societies: money, religion, relationships, education, food, business and commerce, transportation, the use of energy and more. Societies and the rules of society permeating how every aspect of life gets done. It is fascinating to see all of this unfold and “WHY” it unfolds the way it does. Some of it is good, some of it is not good.

Everything we think & do today is the result of hundreds & thousands of years of history

Every historical era has the “good and the not good”. What is a constant is the human quest for concentrating power and wealth in the hands of a few. It is an ongoing tale of humanity.

This “scholarly” work that I do unflinchingly, is enormously helpful in my professional life working with amazing people who have dreams in life. Money is a foundational tool to use in this. Like other sciences, there are immutable laws of financial and economics just as there are immutable laws of chemistry, physics, biology and more. It is a best idea not to violate immutable laws.

History & science: 2 of my favorite subjects outside of finance

This section of the newsletter will give you insights to the geo-poltiical-socio-economic impacts of current events as it relates to money and how it impacts you.

I can promise you it will be fascinating and entertaining in understanding your money and how to have full use, enjoyment and control of your money that you can use to create more money for your life and/or dreams.

Have a learning mindset!

The willingness to learn and the willingness to become the best version of yourself!


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