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January 2024 Books of the Month

Happy New Year!

Remember to share the love of reading with everyone you care about. News bytes and TikTok videos will never be able to fully inform your important life-changing decisions. Practice cultivating a habit of reading at least 10 pages of a book everyday in 2024. Imagine how much you will have learned by 2025!

Little Black Book for Stunning Success

by Robin Sharma

The award-winning Little Black Book for Stunning Success by Robin Sharma. Each chapter, no longer than 1.5 pages, is a powerful principle and wisdom drop of creating stunning success. So simple and empowering.

In the Mastermind group I am a member of, I get to tap into the rich intelligence of a Mastermind group. Gens Johnson compiles a 12 month listing of books for our Mastermind reading, and this book is one of my new absolute favorites from 2023.

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

by G. Edward Griffin

Monetary systems change. We are in the midst of monumental historic change right now—globally.

I am known for always saying this: “How money works in the world, is how your money is working for you and not working for you.”


This book is “The Book” on this very subject. It is so well-researched and written. So interesting!


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