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2024: New Year, New Goals

Updated: Jan 9

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a New Year!

A new year to engage in your willingness to learn and the willingness to become the best version of yourself!

Your unique capabilities and interests are responsible for your success and joy throughout your lifetime.

Most of us have 2 lives, the lives we live and the lives we are capable of living.

It is the life we are capable of living that we deeply desire. It’s the life we know exists somewhere deep inside of us that we wish we could actualize.

“If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

—Thomas Edison

If you could fully tap your potential, what might be different for you?

“Everything that exists in your life, does so because of 2 things: something you did and something you didn’t do.”

—Albert Einstein

Breakthrough results don’t start with your actions, they are first created with your thinking! Great ideas are worthless unless they are implemented.

It’s not what you know, it is what you plan for and implement.

I am a member of a Mastermind group led by the marvelous Gens Johnson. Gens is always

dropping “wisdoms” on us! Here is one that is a Planning formula for any area of life:

“Clarity + Focus + People + Actions + Accountability = Success”

When Gens dropped this wisdom on us, it really made me stop and think!

“Success happens in decades.”

My initial reaction was “Ten years! That is too long!” And then I began thinking through my decades, realizing that indeed, successes add up and ten years of successes is monumental!

The only day we have to welcome prosperity in all areas in life that matter to each of us, is today. Today is the only day we have to take action and implement our dreams.

Your results are ultimately a manifestation of your thinking. In the long run, your actions are always congruent with your underlying thinking. It takes a plan and the only day you have to implement your plan is TODAY!

“Lost time is never found again.”

—Ben Franklin

Another amazing business person I engage with is Linda Schwader, “Live Your Legacy… Before You Leave Your Legacy.” Linda is another amazing business person I associate with and she is “wisdom” dropper too.

Linda’s wisdom is: “Time will never magically appear or expand to fit those things in. While there might never be a good time, there will never be a better time than right now to make time for the things that matter most.”

History: Great people of the past and great people today!


MSM Advisory, LLC. is a professional practice designed to offer you the customized financial planning advice, strategies and implementation to make your dreams come true. Money matters and this is what the money is for… your vision for your life coming to life… for you.

This takes your vision and your actions. You are surrounded by brilliance. Tap into it. Now is the time.


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