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Part 8: Our Monetary System is Changing

How You Can Make Our New Monetary System Work For You!

This is a very remarkable time in history to be part of. All areas of life will transform for the better for all people.

How you can make our new monetary system work for you is to prepare for your prosperity, your life, liberty, and the pursuit of your happiness. Part 7 of this series gave you a summary of so many opportunities and the wealth that will become available to you, for you, to create what you want for your life. These are wealth opportunities that are not possible in our current monetary system, banking and financial systems.

Read Parts 1–8 of Our Monetary System is Changing

We all have a lot to do everyday, it’s OK to catch-up and read more than once too. This is a sequential series, each “Part” leads to the next for your full understanding of what you are currently dealing with when it comes to your money and your life. Questions are always welcome.

Part 1: Money is an agreement.

Part 2: Our money is fiat money created by the private corporation, the Federal Reserve central bank system, using fractional reserve lending in the commercial banking system we use.

Part 3: The Federal Reserve central bank system, fiat money, fractional reserve lending & how the American taxpayer plays into this monetary system.

Part 4: How the World Turns: American Taxpayer Money at Work Across the World; Who Profits?

Part 5: Do Monetary Systems Change? Yes, They Do!

Part 6: How did “We the People” End Up with a Monetary System that Doesn’t Benefit Us?

Part 7: The Future of Our Monetary System: Prosperity for You!

Prepare for Your Prosperity Now

Create the breakthroughs in your life that you want to have. This requires the mindset to create your breakthroughs. This is a “Success Formula” I love to use because of its elegant simplicity and power. Here is your Success Formula to do this:

Clarity + Focus + The Right Actions + The Right People + Accountability = Success


Create a very clear vision of what you want your future to be; it is not about the money, money is a tool. This is about you and what you want your life to be, inside of what matters most to you.

Do not focus on “you” solving the problems caused by our current systems. These old systems are going away and being replaced with the new systems as outlined in Part 7 of Our Monetary System is Changing: “The Future of Our Monetary System: Prosperity for You!”


Create specific focus of what matters to you. Include all areas of your life that matter to you—money, family, your work, having fun, health, community, the people you want in your life, the legacies you wish to create, and any other area that is “yours” to own for you and your life.

The Right Actions

Creating your successes requires you to be in action. Create the actions you will take to be aligned with what really matters to you.

The Right People

Our success always happens with us being in action with clarity and focus through other people. It is imperative to have the right people around you, so you may tap into their genius for your successes.


Accountability is ownership. You, owning your vision, and bringing your vision to life. You get to own the “how and when” of what you want. It is your clarity, focus, actions, and the right people you choose, who will help you.

Our new monetary system will help you. Do all of these things for you!

  • Prepare for your prosperity.

  • Create your mindset.

  • Write your success formula in any format. Review it periodically and update as you like.

  • Celebrate every win, no matter how small.

Life is busy, noisy, and full of distractions. This does require time for you. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Carve out 15, 20, or 30 minutes for you on a daily or weekly basis. Create for you, a “free time,” to relax and allow your mind to center around you. It is a carve out, I know. Your innate inspirations and creativities get squelched in all the noise and distractions of everyday life and its obligations, so this is a “scheduled time” for you! It is worth it. Capture your inspired thoughts. More inspired thoughts will actually come to you in random moments. Capture these inspired thoughts at that time—voice memos, Notes on the phone, a small slim Moleskin journal in your pocket at all times—are helpful ways to get your thoughts recorded before they disappear into the rest of your day.

Our mind and imagination are 2 of our most powerful tools; use yours!


This is the final edition on this 8-part series. I would like to thank the special people in my life that has made this 8-part series possible. I like to collaborate with interesting, engaged, and brilliant people.

I thank my clients. My practice is inspired by really amazing people and families who are truly interested and engaged in creating their lives in what matters most to them.

I am thankful for the special people I have met along the way in this journey of my professional work. Each of you has added your distinct significance to my work.

I am thankful for the brilliant graphic designer and communication arts professional I collaborate with. Every project we work on together from my logo, to my website, invoice, and this beautiful communication platform, I am always dazzled, each and every time, by her amazing talent and professionalism. Mary Magdalen Moser of Mary Magdalen’s Temple of Art

The marvelous “Success Formula” is courtesy of the marvelous Gens Johnson, a Mindset Master and Life Coach. Gens is a treasure trove of inspiration to take action! I am thankful to have Gens in my life personally and professionally.

Additional Recommendations

The tragedy of the Francis Scott Key bridge in the Baltimore port is a concern as the Baltimore sea port and the Interstate highway system impacted are a major port and transportation system for supply chains. The supply chain issues of the COVID 19 lockdowns are fresh in my memory of what it was like to having supply chains impacted. Remember what is was like to walk into stores to empty shelves on everyday items like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, food, and medicines? It was crazy to walk into a store and the food was wiped out. It has already been done to us in recent times. It can happen again.

If our communications get impacted, there is a messaging app named “Signal” that you can download and have your closest people around you do the same. You can stay in touch this way if our communication modes get impacted too. It is a great communications app anyway, as you can send secure messages via text (text messages are not a secure messaging format for any of your personal sensitive information-obviously, I pay attention to the security of messages).

It is good to remember, we can control our immediate environment by having what we need for everyday living available and on hand; this goes a long way at times of disruption which we don’t control. I learned these very important lessons being in the banking system and the financial system for the past 26 years and going through all the crashes of our banking and financial systems these past 26 years; along with the societal disruptions of war, 9/11, and the myriad of pandemics culminating in the COVID lockdowns in 2020–21. I was a kid in the 1970s, and I remember all of the social, political, war, financial, and economic chaos that occurred in the 1970s too.

All we can do is be prepared for whatever we cannot control that comes next.

MSM Advisory, LLC is a private professional practice designed to assist you with using your money for the success you want to have in your life:planning, protecting, and investing so you have the money you want to use and enjoy for what matters most to you. “How money works in the world is how your money is working for you and not working for you.” Understanding the socio-economic-political events of history and how it impacts you today is an insight that is so important to be aware of. This is an insight I include in all of my work for you. I am thankful for the opportunity to do such great and important work for people.

Your thoughts and questions are always welcome!


MSM Advisory, LLC. is a professional practice designed to offer you the customized financial planning advice, strategies and implementation to make your dreams come true. Money matters and this is what the money is for… your vision for your life coming to life… for you.

This takes your vision and your actions. You are surrounded by brilliance. Tap into it. Now is the time.


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